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Lunamorphic is a series of collaborations between Luna Trick's Daniel Staniforth and various alternative rock artists. It is a follow up to Lunatronique, an electronica collaboration, except this time featuring more standard rock instrumentation. Collaborators include Boss Hook, Pharmakeus, Outtaorbit, Ridd Sorenson (of Satellite Tragedy), Vic Holman, Kevin 'Bud' Jones, Vegetal, Lupiroz, Particledots and Michael Jay Klein.

These songs can be found elsewhere on the internet under the names of my collaborators so there is no charge for them. If you'd like to contribute a few pennies for production costs we would much appreciate it. Also, if you like what you hear - please purchase one of the luna trick CDs or CD downloads on our artist page - or at


released July 31, 2015

Go Preacher (Boss Hook & Luna Trick)

John LaMantia - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Lyrics

Chinese Junk (Pharmakeus & Luna Trick)

Chris McMahon - Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drums
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Lyrics, Synths, Cello

Third Degree (Outtaorbit & Luna Trick)

Patrick Robinson - Guitar, Bass, Synths, Drums
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Lyrics, Guitar, Cello

From the Blue (Ridd Sorenson & Luna Trick)

Ridd Sorenson - Guitars, Bass, Drums, Effects
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Lyrics

Overload (Vic Holman, Budd & Luna Trick)

Vic Holman - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Kevin Jones - Synths, Effects
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Lyrics

Finding Asylum (Pharmakeus & Luna Trick)

Chris McMahon - Harmonica, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Synths
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Lyrics

Engage Your Rage (Vegetal, Lupiroz & Luna Trick)

Ariel Ojeda - Bass, Drums
Luigi Pirozzi - Rhythm Guitar
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Lyrics, Lead Guitar

Ybab Ybab (Particledots, Budd & Luna Trick)

Bryn Corbett - Vocals, Synths, Drums, Effects
Kevin Jones - Bass
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Guitar, Piano

The Song is Ended (Michael Jay Klein, Alan McPike & Daniel Staniforth)
(Jazz Standard by Irving Berlin & Beda Loehner)

Michael Jay Klein - Vocals
Alan McPike - Piano, Bass
Daniel Staniforth - Vocals, Guitar



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